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Saturday, 17 August 2013 10:33

Historical Background of the Sector

Prior to the establishment of the bureau it was under the then road transport authority; with the status of Drivers & vehicles affair Department. In accordance with proclamation No41/1993 to define the powers and duties of the central and regional government of Ethiopia the Region14 Transport& communications bureau was established being accountable to the executive committee of the then region14 administration. Afterwards the bureau continued to render various services till 2003.But,after 2003the bureau organized as authority by Addis Ababa administration Charter decree No 2/2003,article13(1),article66(2),and article44.

Then, the authority readjusted itself and started to render services on the overall development scheme. It also tried to score a better achievement based on its objectives and responsibilities offered by 2003 proclamation. Readers should recognize that the Addis Ababa transport authority started its operational and transport management activities under the organs of municipal services and accountable to the city manager.

During the day of the bureau, it was structured by one bureau head, three departments, five services, six divisions, and twenty five sections consisting of 532employees.But,since maay2003, the office has one general manager, three departments, four branch offices (they did not start operation) one service, eight teams, and discharging its responsibilities holding 298 employees. Currently, according to proclamation No 468/2005organized as branch office of the transport authority.

Powers and Duties of the Office

The following seven points are the key guidelines to run out its activities properly; they are:

1.Promote the expansion of the transport service; cause the construction and administer bus and taxi stops and terminals

2.Organize individuals and enterprises engaged in transport services; designed implements mechanisms on the effectiveness of traffic management; provide capacity building support

3.Issue certificate of competence to individuals and enterprises engaged in transport and garage services;

4.Register vehicles, undertake annual technical inspection and follow up;         

5.Issue license to driving lesson institutions and trainers; issue driving license;

6.Follow up and suspend the operation of vehicles that could affect the safety of the public;

7.Carry out other activities related to the cities transport services;

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